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We’re (coming) Back!

We're Back Baby!

Brantford Bands is back to sooth your savage soul

Music lovers of Brantford, prepare to rejoice.  Brantford Bands, your source for everything musical happening in and around our Bloomin’ city, is crawling back to bring you news about all the concerts, events and local bands.

If you own a venue, have a band, know a band, heard a band, or just want to shout at us for taking so long to come back,

Exciting updates to come!
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Welcome to Brantford Bands

Welcome to Brantford Bands. Music courses through us like radiation through an old T.V set, pulsating with liquid fire that screams !!LOUDER!! Keep us bookmarked (CTRL+D) for all your local musical needs. We’ll also be covering many of the bands and gear that effect our lives, that take us by the bawls and keep us riveted to the scene. Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, and other other forms of Local Music will be showcased here for your enjoyment.

If you’d like to be featured on Brantford Bands drop us a line. Be sure to include your web address, upcoming gigs, and any other info you want us to throw online.