Local Recording Studios

This is a list IN PROGRESS.

If you’d like to be added to this list drop us a line.

Brantford Arts Block

Google Maps111 Sherwood Drive (Unit 23), Brantford, ON
phone: (519) 753-9400
email: gerry@brantfordartsblock.com
web: brantfordartsblock.ca


CC Sound @ the Music Academy

340 Henry Street, BrantfordGoogle Maps, ON
phone: (519) 771-1270
web: ccsound.com


I AM Studios

Google Maps25 King Street (Suite 3 & 4), Brantford, ON
email: iammusicstudios@gmail.com
web: iamstudios.ca


Jukasa Studios

3326 6th Line, OhswekenGoogle Maps, ON
phone: (905) 765-4823
email: info@jukasamediagroup.com
web: jukasamediagroup.com


Production House 84

Google Maps84 Terrace Hill, Brantford, ON
phone: (519) 755-7897
web: productionhouse84.com


Terminal Sound Engineering

Google Maps164 Darling St. Brantford, ON
phone: (519) 717-9197
email: lmgralewicz@outlook.com
facebook: tse69