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Benjamin Rogers folksy roots fiddler

Benjamin Rogers

Eric Mills

Eric Mills

Harbour - pop punk

[pop punk]

Heckle the Band - alternative rock

Heckle the Band
[alternative rock]

Knee Deep

Knee Deep
[alternative rock]

Less Than Three Dan Taylor and Nikole Taylor

Less Than Three
[rock / country]



Urban Canals indie rock

Urban Canals [indie/electronic/rock]

World Series

World Series
[rock / metal] Your Source for Local Music



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Brantford Bands / Musicians

[under construction]

4th Syndicate [alternative / rock]

Almira [punk / pop rock]

the Alpacas Trust [noise / rock]

Arctic Cowboys [rock / country]

the Ascot Royals [rock / dance]

Avery Raquel [jazz / musical theatre]

BarCode [classic rock / top 40]

Benjamin Rogers [folk / roots]

Big Shiny Shoes [rock / alternative]

the BIGUPS [reggae / funk / soul]

Caffrey [folk / alt-folk]

Cellar Dwellers [folk / indie / rock]

Chris Strei [folk / alternative / rock]

Colour Quest [Soca / Reggae / R&B]

the Dirty Kulprits [rock / punk]

Door to Door Human Gore [death metal / grindcore / hardcore]

Dry County [rock / country / southern]

Eddie G [rap / hip hop]

Edge of the Bayou (A Tribute to CCR) [blues / roots /rock]

the Elmo Combo [homegrown / roots / rock]

Ending Tyranny [death metal /hard rock]

Enslave the Masses [metal ]

Evan Champagne [rock / roots]

Familiar Fiends [garage / pop]

Gag Order [punk / thrash]

Ghost Town Orchestra [rock]

Hairy Mulligan [classic rock / contemporary]

Halfway 2 Sanity [alternative / rock]

Incentive [alternative / rock]

Innersha [pop / folk / rock]

Josh Grant [indie / rock]

Julian Paul Band [blues / rock]

Knee Deep [rock / alternative]

KnotSlip (a tribute to Slipknot) [hard rock / metal]

Less Than Three [rock / country]

Logan Staats [rock / folk / blues]

Maloney [rap / hip hop]

Mammoth Seed [hard rock]

Mark Wilson & the Way It Is [rock / folk / blues]

Mctease [rock / country / comedy]

NMEdj [EDM / turntablism / dubstep]

No Reason [punk / thrash]

the Ollivanders [rock]

Peeler [alternative / rock]

Pay No Mind [experimental / acoustic]

Quick Wicked [progressive / rock]

the Racoon Wedding [rock]

Retrofit Blues Band [blues / rock / funk]

Rob Michalchuk [experimental / free jazz/ art]

Rock Heart [alternative / rock]

Ruby’s Revenge [art rock]

Shifty Dickens [hard rock]

Skyler Danes [rap / hip hop]

the Smashing Machine [metal / hardcore / thrash]

Sons of Revelry [rock]

Squeeler (a tribute to AC/DC) [rock]

Steven Ryan [soft rock]

Sticks & Stones [rock / blues]

Subject id [alternative / rock / indie]

the Temporary Plan [rock / alternative]

Terra Cotta [rock / blues / indie]

Thee Empty Hours [alternative / rock]

THUGS [music]

Tru Rez Crew [rap / hip hop]

the Tryst [rock / blues / alternative]

Tuesdays Voodoo [rock / alternative]

Tyler Durand [hip hop / rap]

Tyler Wilson Band [rock / blues / country]

Urban Canals [rock / indie]

Waking Life [rock / country / alternative]

the Winterway Project [rock / alternative]

Music Groups / Ensembles

Brant Country Singers (formerly Brant Bella ‘A’ Dears) [country / choral]

the Brant Harmonica Guild [blues / folk]

Brantford Symphony Orchestra [classical]

the George Rose Big Band [jazz]

Grand River Chorus [choral]