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Unsigned artists, submit your music to Hota Rex!

Hot Rex Reckords is looking for unsigned bands

Submit your band!

Hota Rex Reckords, out of Philadelphia, PA, are currently accepting unsigned artists for their End of the Year Mixtape.  A great chance for some international exposure!


What genres of music are we looking for on this tape? 
Heavy Metal, Black, Death, Thrash, Crossover, Doom, Gore, Grind, D- beat, Occult Crust, Instrumental Rock, Stoner Rock, Experimental, Ambient and Hallways in-between.

How it works?
You simply choose the best track that represents the current direction of your music/album you want to promote and send it to us in a high quality, uncompressed .wav format. We also put a link to your bandcamp of course in the liner notes.

  • International compilation featuring the best of premium unsigned underground artists.
  • This is pro-pressed on cobalt cassette tapes limited to 500 w/ a J-card, imprint ink on the shell and shrinkwrapped.
  • Each band receives a % of the press as payment for use of their material – excellent way for promotion/to sell a physical release on your Bandcamp or at shows.
  • We send 33 of the mixtapes for promotion to only the most relevant/cult print zines in the world for review.

Fill out the Hota Rex Kontact page to submit your band and be a part of a kicka** Hota Rex mixtape!

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