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X-Press Yourself an evening showcasing women in entertainment @ Manny’s Place – Sept 19

xpress yourself an evening showcasing woman in entertainment

Give it up for the ladies!

Fantastic music, hilarious comedy, captivating slam poetry,
burlesque dancing and henna body art
all under one roof!
One night only at Manny’s Place!

Local females are coming together on Saturday, September 19th
to rock your socks, paint your hands, tickle your funny bone,
electrify your mind and do other things to your body that I won’t get into detail about.

from facebook

Come out to support our sisters as we take the stage
to bring you live music, comedy, slam poetry and burlesque!

Tickets are $8 in advance and will be available at
Manny’s Place, The Music Academy, or from
Waking Life band members, Dan Taylor or Nikole Taylor.

There will be live music performances from:
High Heels Lo Fi (Toronto)
Sarah Halabecki Band (London)
Waking Life – Band Page (Brantford)
The Ache (Brantford)
Velvet & The Vibe (Brantford)

Stand-up Comedy by:
Abby McWhirter (Brantford)
Rachel Matheson (Toronto)

Slam Poetry by:
Jaded (Paris)

Burlesque by:
Ruby Krueger (Hamilton)

Simple‘ by Sarah Halabecki Band

Happy Purple Unicorn‘ by The Ache

Waking Life performing ‘Love Interruption‘ by Jack White

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? High Heels Lo Fi | Sarah Halabecki Band
Waking Life | The Ache | Velvet & The Vibe
Where? Manny’s Place
Date? Saturday, September 19th
Time? 9pm-2am
Cost? $8 (advance)
$10 (door)
Age Limit? 19+

#brantfordrocks #supportlocaltalent #chicksrock

Heavy Brantford ft. 10 Metal Bands @ Knights of Columbus – Sept 5

Prepare yourself for Heavy Brantford

What’s better than watching a heavy metal band here in Brantford?
10 (TEN!) metal bands!
Throw in a side of great comedy and you’ve got yourself one helluva day!

Local hardcore rockers from Brantford and the area are set to tear Brantford a new one on Saturday,
storming the stage out at the Knights of Columbus with a full day of massive music.

A Rebel Few (Cambridge)
Battery Inc (Brantford)
Door To Door Human Gore (Brantford)
Ending Tyranny (Brantford)
Enslave The Masses (Brantford)
From Beyond The Sky (Guelph)
KnotSlip (Brantford)
No Name Band (Oxford County)
Smashing Machine (Brantford)
Zealots Desire (Woodstock)

from facebook

2nd stage featuring stand up comedy brought to you by
COMEDY CAR CRASH Hosted by Wally Warwick
Bring a few extra dollars to help support these great bands …
Buy a CD or T Shirt to show the bands how much the Live music scene means,
Support Local Talent

Get your tickets online to beat the crowds!
Or grab a VIP package
(2 All Day Tickets, 2 Knotslip Tshirts, BBQ Passes & a HEAVY Brantford Poster for just $25!!)

KnotSlip (a Slipknot Cover Band)
video courtesy of VividChimpMedia

We’re All Doomed‘ by Door to Door Human Gore

Continuous Expansion‘ by Ending Tyranny

A Bomb‘ by Enslave the Masses
video courtesy of Jason Roorda

Join the Event on facebook!

Who?  A Rebel Few  |  Battery Inc  |  Door To Door Human Gore
Ending Tyranny  |  Enslave The Masses  |  From Beyond The Sky
KnotSlip  |  No Name Band  |  Smashing Machine  |  Zealots Desire
Where? Knights of Columbus
Date? Saturday, September 5th
Time? 12pm-11pm
Cost? $10

#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #heavymetal

Door to Door Human Gore, Harangue, We Are Human, Blastomycosis & Reliving the Prophecy @ Manny’s Place – June 26

metal mayham at Manny's Place featuring Reliving the Prophect, Door to Door Human Gore, Harangue, We Are Human, Blastomycosis live in Brantford

The guy with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle.

Metal mayhem invades Manny’s Place!
Get musically molested (in the best way possible) by five groups of metal maniacs:

We’re All Doomed‘ by Door to Door Human Gore

covered in flies and afterbirth

Covered in Flies and Afterbirth‘ by Blastomycosis

Door to Door Human Gore facebook music youtube
Harangue facebook music
We Are Human facebook music
Blastomycosis facebook music
Reliving the Prophecy facebook music

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Door to Door Human Gore | Harangue
We Are Human | Blastomycosis | Reliving the Prophecy
Where? Manny’s Place
Date? Friday, June 26th
Time? 7pm – 2am
Cost? $10
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #metal

Urban Canals, Street Pharmacy & James-Alphonse @ Club NV – June 19

Street Pharmacy, Urban Canals, James-Alphonse at Club NV Friday June 19th

Live Music Fridays Rock at NV!

Club NV presents another great live Friday night!
Great bands, good food & plenty of libations to go around.
(try saying libations three times fast the next time you’re drunk)

Catch Brantford Indie Band Urban Canals
along with rockin’ reggae greats Street Pharmacy
and the genre-bending mutable James-Alphonse.

Like Lightning‘ by Urban Canals

Red Light Midnight‘ by Street Pharmacy

Urban Canals
Artist Spotlight @ BrantfordBands web facebook music youtube
Street Pharmacy
web facebook twitter music youtube
James-Alphonse web facebook twitter music youtube

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Urban Canals | James-Alphonse
Street Pharmacy
Where? Club NV
Date? Friday, June 19th
Time? 8pm
Cost? $5 advance / $8 doors
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #indierock

ZZZ#9 – Planes & Trains, BA Johnston, Urban Canals, Thomas & The Evil Computer @ the Station – June 13

ZZZ number 9 featuring Planes and Trains, B.A Johnston, Thomas and the Evil Computer, Urban Canals live at the Station

The sleeper series strikes again

ZZZ#9 is rolling into the Station,
loaded up with local (and nearly local) original artists:

from facebook:

this show is on a SATURDAY!
i know that’s weird for us, but let’s give’r a try, right?

the trains will still be rolling in,
the beer will still be flowing
and the tunes will still be rocking.

(official) WTFest after-party event!

DJ > sp5000

Headless == Wealthy‘ by Thomas and the Evil Computer
video courtesy of MOTIONEER

[vimeo 44357490 w=420]

Deep Fryer in My Bedroom‘ by B.A. Johnston
video courtesy of CriticalDistanceVids

See You On The Other Side‘ EP preview by Urban Canals
video courtesy of U.Canals

Planes & Trains facebook music
B.A. Johnston facebook twitter music web
Urban Canals facebook music youtube web BrantfordBands
Thomas & The Evil Computer music web

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Planes & Trains | B.A. Johnston
Urban Canals | Thomas & The Evil Computer
Where? The Station Coffee House & Gallery
Date? Saturday, June 13th
Time? 8pm
Cost? $5


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #zzz

HarD-KnockeD 4 “SchoolS-OuT” @ Arts Block – April 11

Hard Knocked 4 Schools Out

Get on the floor!

ChemicalB presents some of southern Ontario’s best DJs
blowing the roof off of the Brantford Arts Block!

The Hard Knocked crew have reunited after more than a decade,
to bring some deep bass and danceable electronic beats to Brantford.


And of course some of southern Ontario’s best djs

  • Nebula
    -live p.a.- Techno (Toronto)
    breakandenter | Juggernaut Music
    A deep hard driven techno artist with a background in breaks,
    makes for a great show every time.
    The best part is he doesn’t play tracks records or cds.
    Nebula makes his own tracks on the spot with his various instruments of mass destruction.
  • Elixir
    -hard psi trance (Toronto) | | CHC | Dynamix uk
    One of my favorite trance djs playing something a little different then the usual.
    Hard trance/psi trance/techno/breakbeats.
    Elixir never dissapoints and always has a few new tricks up his sleeve.
  • SoundFX
    – Techno/dubstep (Niagara Falls)
    6N7 Music | Reka Preka | Double Decker
    Soundfx plays a little of everything but pulls it all together nice.
    You would have to glue me to the floor to keep me from dancing his set away.
  • CemicalB
    – Old skool techno/electro
    And of course there’s me playing an all vinyl old school set to kick the night off.
    Please forward and invite your friends and their friends and grandparents.
    Brantford has no electronic music scene but its time to get with the program and have a night to remember.

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Nebula | Elixir | SoundFX | ChemicalB
Where? Brantford Arts Block
Date? Saturday, April 11th
Time? 9:30pm – 3am
Cost? $7 before 11pm
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #electronicmusic

Michael Maguire @ Brantford Music Centre – April 11

Michael Maguire and his custom guitar

Beautiful music from a beautiful guitar

A truly innovative guitar player, Michael Maguire has spent years studying his craft.
Studying with the greatest in his never-ending pursuit of music,
Mr. Maguire has developed a beautifully unique style which he presents with his beautiful custom guitar and wonderful voice.
Taking jazz standards and familiar tunes and playing them in his own style,
he always puts on an awesome performance.

from facebook:

Join us this Saturday for our Acoustic Cafe, starting at 2pm!
7-string jazz guitarist Michael Maguire from #hamont will be live in-store!
If you have not had a chance to experience this musical virtuoso yet,
swing by this Saturday!
Coffee and admission are always free! #brantford #shoplocal

Michael Maguire performing ‘Basin Street Blues‘ by Spencer Williams
video courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Michael Maguire
facebook web
Who? Michael Maguire
Where? Brantford Music Centre
Date? Saturday, April 11th
Time? 2pm – 4pm
Cost? No Cover (free)
Age limit? All Ages


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #jazzguitar

Rich and the Poor Boys @ Warmington’s – April 10

Rich and the Poor Boys

Great rockin’ blues

Local Niagara Falls legend Rockin’ Rich has been kickin’ out the blues since the 70’s.
His awesome harmonica skills, unique vocals and dynamic stage presence are a wonder to behold.
Rich and the Poor Boys continue to wow audiences across Canada.
This Friday catch them live right here in Brantford!


When you see Rich and the Poor Boys perform you are immediately aware of the raw energy and passion that emanates from the stage.
They inject a vibrant new life into classic blues material while still remaining true to the historic roots of the blues.

Walking Blues‘ by Rich and the Poor Boys

Rich and the Poor Boys
music youtube web


Who? Rich and the Poor Boys
Where? Warmington’s Bistro
Date? Friday, April 10th
Time? 8pm


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #blues

BarSlap @ Buck’s – April 10

Barslap at Buck's Tavern

Classic rock, rock & more rock!

Covering a wide variety of rock & roll from recent hits to legendary classics,
Barslap, out of Hamilton / Burlington, have spent years bringing crowds to their feet.
On Friday they bring the rock to Brantford!


Barslap is a hard working, local band that thrives on
playing the music  you would love to hear,
but rarely do, in a live setting.
Having a wide range of interests influenced by hard rock,
classic rock, blues and alternative they are sure to hit
everyone with the right notes.

Barslap performing ‘Roller‘ by April Wine

Barslap facebook youtube web

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Barslap
Where? Buck’s Tavern
Date? Friday, April 10th
Time? 10pm
Cost? No Cover (free)
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #rock

Innesence & Maloney @ Studio Bar (Toronto) – April 9

Innesence, Maloney, D-Sisive and Adam Bomb at the Studio Bar in Toronto

Bell City boys are headed to T.O

Breaking Wreckords‘ rappers Innesence and Maloney
will be repping the 519 in the 416.

Joining Juno award winner Adam Bomb and Juno nominated D-Sisive (both out of Toronto)
as well as a veritable butt-load of other great Canadian acts
(Dustin Wareham, Pengeah, Swishop Stylez, SkyDome Collective,
Lakes, Spidey Jackson, Soul & Thronetheif)
Innesence and MLNY / Maloney are going to make this an epic night of tight rhymes.

Right now you can grab Innesence‘s latest releases and help out a worthy cause!
50% of all sales through reverbnation
will be donated to the Keep a Child Alive (KCA) charity
to help support the children and families impacted by HIV.

Download some killer local hip hop and support a good cause!

That’s OK‘ by MLNY / Maloney

Let Your Feet Stomp‘ by Innesence feat/ Maloney & O.B.1

MLNY / Maloney
facebook twitter youtube
Innesence facebook twitter music youtube

Grab your tickets now!

Who? Innesence, MLNY / Maloney,
Adam Bomb, D-Sisive and MORE
Where? Studio Bar (Toronto)
Date? Thursday, April 9th
Time? 10pm
Cost? $10
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #hiphop #brantfordbands

Slick Brothers @ Zanders – April 3

the Slickbrothers

Smoothly sliding into your subconscious.

Rhythm and Blues, Classic rock with a touch of Country, folk, and more;
oozing with attitude and dripping with skill;
don’t forget to bring a towel.


When asked the question “where have u played “
his best answer is “everywhere there’s AC current flowing.”
He was greatly influenced in the beginning of his career by
Prakash John, Tim Bogart, and Donald Duck Dunn.
This collaboration resulted in the forming of the Slickbrothers.
He has played the blues circuit in Canada and the United States
and the country circuit in Canada .
It even resulted in a pat on the head from Buddy Guy after playing a burnin’ 12 bar.
He has had the pleasure of teaming up with Donnie Bernardie as a rhythm section for 5 yrs.
Mel Brown, Jack Dekeyzer, Richard Newell (the King Biscuit Boy), Don Walsh, Chuck Jackson, Tom Wilson, T-bone Big John Little and the last 5 yrs with Steve Burnside & the Marquis are just few of the other musicians he’s worked with.
All of this certainly raises the bar.
Ultimately he aspires to the Lincolns led by Prakash John!
The heart of his music is R&B but is always looking for a challenge playing anything else. Which has included country, new country, classic rock, celtic, folk and even pirate music!

The Slickbrothers performing ‘Hurts So Good‘ by John Mellencamp

the Slickbrothers
facebook itunes
Who? the Slickbrothers
Where? Zander’s Fire Grill and Brew Lounge
Date? Friday, April 3rd
Time? 10pm


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #rock&roll

Ian Andrews & the Smokin’ Scoundrels @ Brando’s – April 3

Ian Andrews and the smokin' scoundrels at Brando's

Blues so hot they’re smoking.

Rolling into Brando’s, Ian Andrews and his crew of scoundrels are heading to Brantford with their signature rockabilly blues.

Ian surrounds himself with similarly dedicated musicians.
The roster may change but the rock and roll spirit is always constant.


One of our crowd favourites is back to party it up at The Beach House!
Friday April 3rd starting at 8:30pm, Ian Andrews and the Smokin’ Scoundrels hit the Coors Light Mainstage supported by resident Dj m2 between sets and after their performance.

Bring Me Down Woman‘ by Ian Andrews

Ian Andrews & the Smokin’ Scoundrels
facebook itunes youtube

Join the Event on facebook!

Who? Ian Andrews & the Smokin’ Scoundrels
Where? Brando’s on Market
Date? Friday, April 3rd
Time? 8:30pm


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #blues

Shampoo @ the Ring – March 28

Dj Verse One, Callum Beam Int'l, Dj Sheldon, Extreme Sound Crew at  the Ring


Four killer DJs spinning Dancehall, Hip Hop, Soca, Soul, Reggae, Old School,
Anything that makes you move!

Dj Sheldon,
Extreme Sound Crew out of Kitchener,
Hamilton’s Dj Verse One
&  Toronto’s Calum Beam International
will all be in the house pumping out the beats for
Wisdom Promotion presents Shampoo at the Ring Nite Club.

Trapikal Powerfull‘ by Calum Beam International

Old School Hip Hop Set on The Frontline Radio by Dj Verse One & Mr Jay

Dj Verse One
facebook twitter itunes youtube web
Extreme Sound Crew
Calum Beam Int’l
facebook twitter itunes youtube
Who? Calum Beam International | Dj Verse One
Extreme Sound Crew | Dj Sheldon
Where? the Ring Night Club
Date? Saturday, March 28th
Time? 10pm-2am
Cost? $10
Age limit? 19+


#brantford #supportlocal #dancehall #soca

Ginger St. James @ Warmington’s Bistro – March 28

the incomparable Ginger St. James

image courtesy of
Eye Candee

She’s back in Brantford!
Songstress Ginger St. James continues to blow audiences away with her powerful voice, boisterous attitude and vivacious spirit.

She’s on a tour of Canada, and one of the first stops is at Brantford’s Warmington’s!
Ginger will be performing alongside guitarist SnowHeel Slim with backup provided by Warmington’s Bent Bugle Band (bassist Steve Boyd and drummer Tom Wells.)

Check out this great review of her newest release “Diesel & Peas”!


With her sultry and powerful voice, her sassy and commanding stage presence, and a repertoire that blends country, rock n’ roll and blues, Ginger St. James packs a lot of entertainment into her 5-foot frame.
Following the tradition of country songbirds like Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson, Ginger writes and sings music from real experience; growing up on the family farm, being broke, having fun, and love gone wrong.

Ginger St. James performing ‘Little Red Wagon‘ by Miranda Lambert

Ginger St. James
facebook itunes youtube web
Who? Ginger St. James
Where? Warmington’s Bistro
Date? Saturday, March 28th
Time? 7:30pm
Cost? No Cover (free)


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #rockingcountry

Tortoise Blue with Teddy Leonard @ Liquid Lounge- March 28

Teddy Leonard with Tortoise Blue at the Liquid Lounge

End the winter blues with great blues.

Ottawa harmonica & keyboardist master Tortoise Blue will be blowing up the Liquid Lounge with Toronto’s Maple Blues Awards alumni Teddy Leonard!

Tortoise Blue is featured on many Canadian blues albums, including several Big Daddy G releases. Playing keyboards and harmonica with many great blues acts in Canada.
Teddy Leonard has won the Maple Blues Award for Guitarist of the Year.  He was longtime guitarist for the band Fathead, and has toured with many Canadian blues legends.


Teddy Leonard has won The Maple Blues Award for Guitarist of The Year once and been nominated in that category three times. He is a longtime member of the Juno and Maple Blues Award winning band Fathead .
A guitarist who is known for his own original blues sound, Teddy has recorded and toured with Fathead, Little Mack Simmons, Big Daddy G, The Johnny Max Band, Paul Reddick, Porkbelly Futures, The Gary Kendall Band and Rita Chiarelli along with maintaining a busy career as a freelancer.
In 2010 the city of London, Ontario presented Teddy Leonard with “The Jimmy Lewis Award”, a life time achievement award recognizing his long career as a blues musician.

Teddy Leonard jamming with the Kendall Wall Band

Tortoise Blue playing with Dylan Wickens (courtesy of thelointavern)

Tortoise Blue
Who? Teddy Leonard | Tortoise Blue
Where? the Liquid Lounge
Date? Saturday, March 28th
Time? 3pm-6pm


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #blues

Jamie Williams Band & Innersha @ Therapy Lounge – March 28

the Jamie Williams Band

the Jamie Williams Band

Two great Canadian rocking country bands under one roof on Saturday!

Brantford’s Innersha and Waterloo rockers the Jamie Williams Band are both powerful rocking country bands,
don’t miss your chance to catch them performing rocking covers and fantastic originals down at Therapy Lounge.

the Jamie Williams Band performing ‘Take It Easy‘ by the Eagles

Know Where Your Heart Is‘ by Innersha

the Jamie Williams Band facebook facebook
Innersha facebook twitter itunes youtube

Check out the event page on facebook!

Who? the Jamie Williams Band
Where? Therapy Lounge
Date? Saturday, March 28th
Time? 9pm – 2am


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #rockingcountry

Ellora Jones, James Gordon & Ian Reid @ Polish Hall – March 28

Marc Laferriere's Birthday Bash NDP fundraiser with Ellora Jones, James Gordon & Ian Reid

Ain’t no party like an NDP party

Wish Marc Laferriere a happy birthday while enjoying some fantastic music!

Marc’s Birthday Bash Fundraiser is going down at the Brantford Polish Hall,
and he’s got some great entertainment lined up to make the night rock.

From Brantford band Terra Cotta, Ellora Jones provides some tasty local folk flavour to go with the delicious cake from local gluten-free bakery: Sophia’s Bakery & Cafe.


We have a heck of a celebration happening for the occasion featuring award winning music from singer-songwriters

Proceeds from the event will be directed toward helping us secure everything we need to get our campaign office up-and-running and ready for our amazing volunteers.

Cash bar and birthday cake provided by Sophia’s Bakery & Cafe.

All proceeds from ticket sales and donations go straight to the local Federal Campaign to get Marc elected and donations are eligible for up to 75% in generous tax credits.

Ellora Jones performing ‘Isolation‘ by Joy Division

Yellow Dust‘ by Ian Reid (produced by Latent Image Studios)

Idle No More‘ by James Gordon

Tickets are only $10 for general admission and $5 for youth, seniors and the unwaged.
Available at the door, at Sophia’s Bakery & Cafe or online by donating to the Brant NDP.
(Donate $10 or $5 for each ticket you want and print your receipt)

Like Ellora Jones on facebook!

Like James Gordon on facebook!

Like Ian Reid on facebook!

Like Marc Laferriere on facebook!

Let your friends know you’ll be there on the facebook event page!

Who? Ellora Jones | James Gordon | Ian Reid
Where? Brantford Polish Hall (154 Pearl St)
Date? Saturday, March 28th
Time? 7pm
Cost? $10 ($5 youth/seniors/unwaged)
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #folkrock

Dj Stevie P @ the Alex – March 27

electric Fridays at the Alex with DJ Stevie P

DJ Stevie P’s spinning the hits at the Alex

Fridays are bouncing at the Alex Nightclub & Bar on Friday nights with Dj Stevie P.


Every Friday “feel the electricity in the air”
DJ Stevie P in the mix with Top 40, Dance, new & old school.
Electric Fridays at The Alex is Brantford’s BEST FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY in the city.
(No joking, we’re packed every Friday night, come feel the experience)
NO COVER before 11:00pm.
19+, I.D. required.

Show up before 11 and hear your favorite hits for free.

Who? DJ Stevie P
Where? the Alex Nightclub & Bar
Date? Friday, March 27th
Time? 10pm – 2am
Cost? No Cover (before 11pm)
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supporyourlocal #club

Dj Piper, Dj Liz & Dj Merci @ Therapy Lounge – March 27

DJ Piper P, DJ Liz & DJ Merci at Therapy Lounge on March 27th

You spin me right round.

Three Canadian DJs are about to tear the roof off of Therapy Lounge!
DJ Piper P  is bringing the EDM & club hits while DJ Liz & DJ Merci take care of the hip hop & reggae.

Like DJ Piper P on facebook!

Like DJ Merci on facebook!

Can’t make it out?  Listen live to DJ Piper’s set on mixify!

Who? DJ Piper P | DJ Liz | DJ Merci
Where? Therapy Lounge
Date? Friday, March 27th
Time? 10pm
Cost? No Cover (free)
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportlocalmusic #EDM #club


Dirty Pioneers @ Liquid Lounge – March 27

The Dirty Pioneers at the Liquid Lounge

They’ll make you dance and swing.

One of Burlington’s best cover bands is heading to Brantford, bringing with them a wide range of songs from every genre and age.
The Dirty Pioneers love playing a lot of varied music.
Chances are if you love it, they know how to play it.


Between the 4 members, we have years of national and international playing experience, recording experience, and music diplomas.
We take pride in what we do. Practice and executing an incredible night of music for our clients is highly important to us.
We pride ourselves on our versatility, playing anything from Led Zeppelin, to No Doubt, Aretha Franklin, to Katy Perry, The Beatles, to Motley Crue, and everything in between.
Whatever your event may be, we will make it memorable for years to come.

The Dirty Pioneers performing ‘Black Velvet‘ by Alanah Myles

Like The Dirty Pioneers on facebook!

Check out more of The Dirty Pioneers on youtube!

Who? The Dirty Pioneers
Where? The Liquid Lounge
Date? Friday, March 27th
Time? 10pm
Age limit? 19+


#brantfordrocks #supportyourlocal #classiccovers

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