The Sun Harmonic @ the Station – March 22

the Sun Harmonic

Gazing into your soul.

An eclectic mix of art rock, folk, classical, jazz and blues are folded together by indie band the Sun Harmonic to form soothing symphonies and catchy rhythms.  Originally from St. Thomas, Kaleb Hikele has been experimenting with music for years.  His poetic take on performing will be on display alongside the vibrant visual art down at the Station.

from CBC music:

The Sun Harmonic is a prolific artist who has kept a constant output of diverse recordings since 2004. Off stage, he operates a home recording space in the heart of downtown Toronto, where he and his friends create folk, rock, blues and soul sounds that have rippled around the globe. Kaleb is also a piece of the puzzle in the suitcase record shop and arts community called Moon Melody.
In the past, a rock musician – day dreaming.
In the present, an aspiring piano man – for the masses.
In the future, he is a record – forever spinning…

Sunday, March 22nd at 2pm see the Sun Harmonic live at the Station Coffee House & Gallery!

Suggestion donation $5-$10 dollars.

Check out the Sun Harmonic’s youtube channel for more great videos.


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