Gag Order & Spree Killers – July 10

Gag Order and Spree Killers are looking for bands to rock out with

Join up with Gag Order and the Spree Killers!

Brantford punk rockers Gag Order is teaming up with Vancouver’s Spree Killers to kick Brantford’s a** on Wednesday, July 10th!

[UPDATE] Spree Killers & Gag Order are booked at Manny’s Place for July 10th!
Looking forward to seeing them live in Brantford!




GAG ORDER is a four piece hardcore punk band hailing from the gritty streets of Brantford ON.
Featuring ex-members of Drunk’n Anger, Psycho Somatic, No Reason, The Clusterbombs and Shape,
It’s a no hold’s barred old school attack…no fluff, no trends, no rockstar bullshit……,
just good ole’ beer fueled 80’s inspired punk and thrash……

Gag Order is:
Grimster – Bass, Vocals
Scottie – Guitar, Vocals
Chico – Vocals
Carppy – Drums



We are female fronted, fuck off loud punk rock with hardcore and heavy metal influences.
Spree Killers formed in August of 2012.
In October of 2013 we released our first self titled album on Not Yer Buddy Records, produced and mastered by Brian “who” Else.
Come on out and “SHOW US YOUR CLEAVER”!!!

Spree Killers is:
Fanni Adams: Lead Vocals/Manager
Ry Somerton (formerly of Brantford’s No Orchestra!): Lead Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Chad Sluys: Rhythm Guitar
G-Tone Bass: Bass
Steven Gervais: Drums


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