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We had the opportunity to catch Peeler live at Zander’s on Saturday, February 28th.  Although we didn’t get a chance to hear any of their original material such as Half Past High or Woo Hoo, we did watch them preform a number of impeccable covers.

Zander’s Fire Grill and Brew Lounge is a fun, intimate setting with great atmosphere.  Fanciful decor touches such as a chandelier made of guitars and two full-sized motorcycles bring a flurry of whimsy to an elegant venue.  The acoustics tonight were very clean and loud without being overpowering.  With a number of booths and tables Zander’s is a comfortable place to watch live music.

Peeler was firing on all cylinders tonight.  Craig Peeling evokes a strong vocal resemblance to Bono, especially during their covers of U2 songs.  Whether he is singing lead or backup, Craig has an amazing vocal range which allows the band to cover a variety of eras and genres.

Renditions of greats such as the Tragically Hip, Franz Ferdinand, the Beatles, David Bowie, the Police, Tom Petty, the Black Keys, the Rolling Stones and many more were all delivered flawlessly, with the three-piece band occasionally switching rolls as needed to bring out the spirit of each song.

Peeler was also outstanding at engaging the crowd, at one point Craig even joined in for with the crowd for a dance.

We look forward to catching more of their upcoming shows and highly recommend picking up their debut album.

Peeler - Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance

Peeler – Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance

[ download now from iTunes / IACmusic ]


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