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On Saturday, February 28th we caught Brantford heavy metal band Mammoth Seed at Two Doors Down.

Two Doors Down has a long history of supporting local bands in Brantford, and they continue that tradition with great zeal.  Though they’ve remained at the same location, the setup has changed over the years.  The furnishings are eccentric yet refined with elements such as an elaborate ceiling painted in an almost rustic fashion, various rock and roll memorabilia and a pool table that converts into a table..table.  There’s a fair amount of seating with lots of standing room around the bar and stage to enjoy the music while consuming the alcoholic libations.

Mammoth Seed brought the rock HARD.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to catch opening bands Dylan Browne or the Carpenteers though we heard great things about them.
What we did hear was Mammoth Seed slamming out the heavy beats that had the crowd head banging along throughout the night.
Massive beats from Alex Sousa laid the foundation for  Ty Quackenbush’s deep and solid bass riffs.  Upon this solid base Andy Dmytryshyn brought down killer rhythm and epic solos while Alex Dickens laid his vocal soul bare for all.
Alex channels the spirit of Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa with his guttural vocals, especially when talking to the crowd.  Ty’s funky / grungy bass playing is reminiscent of Black Sabbath especially interwoven with Andy’s Iron Maiden-esque wailing guitar lines.
The band evokes a 70’s/80’s heavy metal feel with deep heavy bass lines overlayed with shrieking guitar and all held together by solid driving drum lines.
I will say that the levels at this show could’ve been several decibels lower…
I know, sacrilege! At certain points the overpowering monster that is Mammoth Seed was almost too much to take.

Highlights of the night included a song dedicated to Canadian national sport Curling, and a beautiful Mannequin torso with taped off ti**ies adorning the set.

All in all, a serious slamming set that leaves us eager for more Mammoth Seed.
Can’t wait to hear more youself?  Check out their track online:

Mammoth Seed - Don't Take Me There

Mammoth Seed – Don’t Take Me There


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  1. Dickens is a bum loser that looks like muskrat with b.o I'm a get him

    Dan turkey and ginger bitch are pussies I’ll be there tn

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