the Hot Machine and Dj m2 @ Brando’s – Feb 27th @ 8:30pm

the hot machine (aka 40 sons) are coming to Brando's

Aloha Friday with the Hot Machine and Dj m2.


We kicked off the month with this great band, it’s only fitting that we finish up with them as well! The Hot Machine (aka 40 Sons) are back Friday February 27th at 8:30pm with resident Dj m2 spinning your favorite rock and frosh tunes between sets, and then switching it up club style after 12!


Pulling from a variety of musical authorities to create a matchless amalgam of alternative, rock and metal, 40 Sons is forged on being veracious, tenacious and credible.

“A lot of bands are driving the rock sound to be pretty stale,” says Repic. “There’s not enough energy and excitement in it anymore. With this band, you have four guys sitting around writing music they actually feel something from, rather than a team of writers churning out vacuous pop.”

“Who you’re influenced by and what you sound like are two very different things,” asserts Spik. “A band like this takes inspiration from The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Do we sound anything like them? No. Some of us like Queens of the Stone Age and some of us like Red Hot Chili Peppers, but we still don’t fit their mold.”

“We take bits of inspiration from a lot of different places but when you hear us, you won’t be calling us, ‘the band that sounds like this band or that band'” offers Repic. “We take their drive; the idea of what made bands we love distinct and apply it to ourselves.”

Come down to Brando’s at Market to check out Hamilton natives 40 Sons the Hot Machine kick moderate to extreme levels of arse Friday February 27th at 8:30pm.


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