Bent by Elephants @ Brantford Arts Block – Feb 24th @ 10pm

Bent By Elephants is coming to Brantford Arts Block

Bent by Elephants is coming to Brantford Arts Block


Bent By Elephants released their debut EP in 2009, in their (the band’s at least) birthplace Montreal. This Is Water, the debut LP released 2010, embodies the band’s unique approach to songwriting, traversing a musical landscape from minimalist lines of melody to overlapping cacophonies. The live presence of the band has a fullness and acoustic breadth, created by six (sometimes seven) skilled musicians, in which various influences take aim to create a rhythmic folk, with warm blues inspired harmonies and orchestral layering.

Come on down to the Brantford Arts Block to check out Bent By Elephantssure-to-be epic live performance Tuesday the 24th at 8pm.

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