Boomtown: Brantford Music Compilation ’07

Boomtown, Brantford Music Compliation '07

NEN Productions & I in Eye Records have now released the Local CD Compilation that is titled “BOOMTOWN”. This CD Compilation is filled with donated songs from selected bands/artists in the Brantford area. This is a non-profit project raising funds for the St. Leonard’s Youth Resource Centre, and to expose all this unimaginable music composed here in Brantford.

The playlist consists of in no order:

Dead City Citizen’s
Scotty P
Wasted Talent
The Rusty Trombones
Saturday Night Heroes
The Clusterbombs
Our Lady of Bloodshed
Hold Up Your End
Colour Quest
Axiom Shift
Steven Elmo Murphy
The Fountain of Useless
Mr. Bidet
The Empty Hours

Contact any band for a copy of the CD.
Or contact Tone via email :

or Joe:
or by phone : 519.802.4636
CD is available at these locations: Master Pita, LA Music, T & T Custom Auto, St. Leonard’s Society (Icomm Drive Location)

CD’s are ONLY $10.
Proceeds are donated to St. Leonard’s Youth Resource Centre.

Brantford Music Compilation 2007


About BrantfordBands

Brantford Bands was created to bring you all the information about local bands, big shows in the Brant area, new cds, and the sweetest music gear.

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