Tim Turvey and Nick Bastian – First Day of Summer @ Two Doors Down – June 20th @ 10pm

Tim Turvey has an ability to lead his group from behind the drums and push other musicians into improvising directions of percussion-based experiments – a rare live experience for jazz fans. Exceptionally hard to find is a drummer wailing on a four piece kit, at times, without wielding any weaponry – no mallets, sticks or brushes. Though he is capable of quickly switching between all of these usual ways of striking and thumping his instruments, it is his way of playing bare-handed that has listeners wondering if they have ever seen a style quite like this. It is as a fan of ethnic percussion, in the pursuit of a different approach, that he so naturally incorporates hand drumming techniques of the Tabla, Djembe, Conga & Dumbek into a typical jazz drum set-up. Working with groups that have yet to play together gives him an obvious sense of thrill, evident is his sinister on-stage smile. This is the look of a mischievously mad high-hatter, whose intricate plans are coming together perfectly.

As well as an independent musician, Tim is a member of the Association of Improving Musicians Toronto (AIMT), AIMCalgary & the Kitchener-Waterloo Improvisers Collective (KWIC). Tim is a member of RAGAFFAIRE , a Hamilton-based group playing music of Northern India & Hindustani origins. He is also a member of the Indie Rock group, NoOrchestra. Tim continues to lead many groups and projects; Music in the Moment, the Tim Turvey Trio & Quartet, ActToo, Col. Yevrut & the Jello Helmet

A group of any multitude of musicians could accompany the unpredictable sound and sets can produce booming and sometimes blaring results, with any assortment of instrumentation possible from night to night following his curious paths. He has a large assortment of musical friends to choose from, so one never knows what Tim will bring to the table at a show.
Turvey’s concerts can consist of myriad styles, from Jazz and Reggae, to Funk and Groove to Experimental Punk Rock and Improvised Music. Tim brings all his styles with him when he plays and incorporates others eclectic forthcomings into the show. His music has been featured on radio stations CFRU Guelph, CKMS Waterloo, CIUT Toronto & other community radio programs around the world. Tim Turvey has toured Canada and played with some of the finest performers here and abroad.

As well as a long list of recordings, metal sculpture, and many other creations, Turvey is a Poet. His lyrics cast a spell. He has a self published book titled, “Chimeracle Meanderings” – A mindful prose of freedom and more.

(by: brian gall – freelance writer)

Tim Turvey will be playing with Nick Bastian celebrating the First Day of Summer at Two Doors Down (117 Market St, Brantford) on June 20th at 10pm.

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